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Persepolis :

Persepolis is the unescapable capital of the Archemenide empire, a two and a half century symbole of power and wealth.


In the neighborhood of Persepolis stands the place chosen by the successors of Darius to dig their huge graves.


Bishâpur is well known for its Historical remains of old Sassanide city with its carved low-reliefs of the Persian Kings’ victories.

Nasir al-Molk Mosque

Some of the most successful achievement of Qadjar art are the beautiful ceramics ornamented with flowers.

Shâh Cherâgh Mausoleum and Ali Ibn-Hamze Mausoleum

- Shâh Cherâgh :
Important pilgrimage place for Muslim Chiites people where the Imam Reza’s brother’s cenotaph stands.
- Ali Ibn-Hamze : 
An impressive mirror inlay in this 10th century's mausoleum.


The Gardens of Bâgh-e Erâm, Afif-Abad or Bâgh-e Narajestân and its sumptuous palace of Quadjar period, will take you into an earthly paradise.

Tombs of Shirazi poets

Shiraz's citizens venerate the memory of Poets Ruzbihan, Hafez and Saadi, who sung love songs between the 12th and 14th century. The place where their tombs are is good for praying and strolling.
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